Who we are

We are students of many universities in Ho Chi Minh city. With the spirit and enthusiasm of youth, we hope will provide useful information and an overview of a beautiful Vietnam to foreign friends. We are not a travel agency, nor is it a tourism organization, we are just a group of young people passionate about travel. What we do is providing basic information about Vietnam to foreign friends as locals.  We hope this information will be useful for your trips. Have good trips!

Our confession

Initially, we really do not have enough personnel and budget to operate throughout Vietnam. As to improve the quality, WE ONLY OPERATE IN HO CHI MINH CITY. As noted above, we are students and there are certain limitations of time and experiences so that some information and our services may be limited. Some images we used from other authors. We will try our best for your trips more enjoyable. Best regard!

An overview of Ho Chi Minh City


Vietnam is a country's equatorial, hot and humid climate, the average temperature over 26 degrees Celsius so you need to prepare some things to take the most amazing trip. We apologize for the beginning, we only operate in Ho Chi Minh City....

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